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Lifetime Warranty Number and sticker on each banjo:
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(Two Labels; "custom built (your name)... and "Lifetime Warranty".)
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Fifth String Capo Installed
Gate = $45.00 (six frets)
Long = $65.00 (nine  frets)    


Archtop Longneck sale $580 Custom built for you.

Tubaphone Longneck  $1,515.00  $1,575.00 w/capo

Mastertone Longneck $770.00 -$805.00

Rolled brass Longneck $755.00

Each banjo custom hand built.

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  •  I just finished my mastertone and am finishing my  rolled brass banjos Please check the new pictures.   

My newest entry The Tubaphone -Longneck  with Vega Style Brass Bracket.  All brass and hand turned rim for excellent sound.

Excellent  Tone.

"The Kingston Trio Sound"

New in 2014




  • If you have never played a long neck banjo you are missing a great experience!
  • Here Philip sent me in June of this year, the first of three E mails expressing thanks for his new Mastertone. It has a crystal clear sound  and especially has the best sound for blue grass type of playing and the lower notes as I illustrate.
  • From:    

    Philip Breslow

    Subject:  Thanks so much!    To: jbeyer@copper.net

    Calgary Alberta, Canada

    The banjo came yesterday, It plays and looks and sounds great!

    My only problem is that it is so nice it puts some of other instruments to shame.

    Thanks again,


dot enlay


Hit Counter banjo pot topa close up of my a close up of my archtop


I check my e mail all  of the time. E mail me with questions or want to arrange to speak with me by phone. My alternate e mail is jonathan@longneckbanjo.com

 Sometimes the e mail does not get through. My cell phone is 253-229-2525 so make sure you get in touch with me.  If you cannot wait call my cell 253-229-2525. Usually I have my cell with me. That way I will have your phone number and can get back with you or answer questions you may have.   If you want to visit my shop, I will tell you where I am located (WA)  and you can try them out  for your self .