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Discover the Joy of playing a long neck banjo!

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*The blue grass sound = Mastertone Tone

* Kingston Trio  sound= Tubaphone

*Old Time banjo sound = Rolled Brass  

*Economy banjo (durable, adjustable) = Archtop

Worldwide builder of long neck banjos

Long neck four & five string banjos

 Play it, See it! Three extra frets! 

Hear it: For the male voice, played five half steps below G.

Except for my archtop banjo, all banjos are ready for shipment within 48hours.

  •  Jonathan's Banjos

    Listen to Old Fashion Banjo Sound of the Longneck Tubaphone

    The tone Ring specifications for the archtop longneck banjo:
  • schematic 
  • Tubapone Tone Ring Blue Print:

tubaphone blue print

  • Here is what Deering, Vega's Makers are sayhing about the tubapone tone ring that sells on site for $805.
  • "This tone ring design has been a favorite of great dixieland players, resembles the holy grail for the old time banjoists, and had it's big revival in the folk era with Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio in the Vega Long Necks"

Tubaphone Longneck   $2,250.00 with case, gold plated and all brass parts  & including case, 9 fret capo, and all shipping charges. (all gold parts)

Basic economic Tubaphone without case and with shipping: from $1,750.00   (inquire) (some gold parts)

Mastertone Longneck $770.00 -$805.00

Rolled brass Longneck $755.00

Longneck Banjo Four String

Archtop Longneck  $565.00

  • I want to help you discover the long neck that is best for you. Here I illustrate for you my tubaphone shown to the left .
  • But also listen to these clips - there are many to choose from:
What is a long neck banjo?  I have attempted to fashion my banjos after the "Kingston Trio" and Pete Seeger style of long neck and tone ring. My Tubaphone follows that pattern.  Once you have played a long neck I cannot imagine you playing non long neck again! Let me help you find the one that is right for you.
On Line Encyclopedia says this: (And much more...)

The long neck banjo is a 5 string banjo with an extra three frets for the four main playing strings, invented by Pete Seeger. 

The 5th string is not extended, so instead of being five frets shorter than the others as on a standard banjo, on the long-neck it's eight frets shorter. 

Standard scale length is 34", with 25 frets, and standard tuning E tuning:

archtop Gretsch-built Ode aluminum-pot archtop ) ($350 for just the used pot only ), with the Gibson Mastertone ring ($750-$800), Resonator metal tone ring ($750),   Note my tubaphon link ($1250.)

Compare these audio and U Tube Long Neck Banjo files:  
An interesting "Kingston Trio Sound" Christian Folk Music from late '60's playing on an archtop.

  This is my new Vega Style Brass Bracket. This banjo is modled after the type used by the Kingston Trio .  

All brass and hand turned rim for excellent sound.

28 brackets for better tone.



Read what banjo hangout is saying about the Vega Bracketed pot. The rim is only .50" and the

All brass parts in my view provides an unexcelled tone. Sure it costs a lot. But I am so sure that you will

be thrilled with it.

I install a Stubbs long fifth string capo that covers nine frets.

 This is the kind of capo installed like the one one used by the Kingston Trio:

Long Neck Banjo For Sale, Cheap Long Neck Banjo, Tubaphone - Home 

Recent Testimony:

  Moses from Maryland - Upon receiving His Tubaphone Long Neck Banjo - January 17, 2015 - I retrieved it and unpacked it.  It is truly the most beautiful banjo I have seen.... 

Alan Fleshman from Florida - Upon receiving his archtop - Dec. 30th, 2014 on receiving his archtop - The banjo is perfect

banjo arrived about an hour ago and the only reason I have taken a break from playing it is to let you know how pleased I am.  It is a work of art.  The inlays are magnificent, the sound is just what I am looking for and the craftsmanship is better than any "manufactured" banjo in this or any other price range.  You must take great pride in your work and all I can say is that you deserve it.  Once again, Happy New Year.  I am sure mine will be musically rewarding. ..Needless to say, if you ever need an endorsement, you can count on mine.  

p.s.  I can give you names and e mail addresses of these persons and others that may live near you. There is probably someone near you that possesses one of my banjos.


 Long Neck Banjo Strings, Long Neck Banjo Tuning - Long Neck Banjo

  • Life Time Warranty

    • I have been play banjos for over 40 years and I believe I have come close to perfecting a great sounding instrument.  (I have lost count of how many long neck banjos I have built in the last several years. ) All parts are new. I am also taking orders for custom long necks and can build it for you in a matter of two to three weeks. For the last three years I have devoted most of my waking hours to either studying the Scriptures or building long neck banjos.

    • My banjos are built by proper specifications according to "How to Set Up the Best Sounding Banjo [Paperback] by
      Roger H. Siminof" book on how to set up a good sounding banjo. Thus, I insure the very best sound for my open back banjos.

    • Tone Sound Comparison: You will find mp3 audio clips of my different banjos. Three elements contribute to banjo tone: 1. banjo tone ring, 2. the banjo head, 3. metal parts (brass or steel), 4.  rim hard wood .  

    • If you are ever in the Puyallup, WA area, give me a call and come by and try one of my long necks!  Come by for and try the long neck. It is a unique experience.  They have a totally different dynamic than the standard banjo.  

      Give me a call any time and let's talk about long neck banjos!

       Jonathan's Longneckbanjo.com

       Introduction to Long Neck Banjo.com

      Read what banjo hangout is saying about the Vega Bracketed pot. The rim is only .50" and the

      tubaphone tone ring

      all brass parts in my view provides an unexcelled tone. Sure it costs a lot. But I am so sure that you will

      be thrilled with it.

      Try my installed nine fret 5th string capo covering 9 frets:


      Come and trying one of my long necks as Eric,

      from Chicago is doing here:

      .Nate from Chicago

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