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Top Quality Custom Built Long Neck Banjos  for the World

Archtop Longneck sale $550 Custom built for you.

Tubaphone Longneck  $1,515.00  $1,590.00 w/capo

Mastertone Longneck $770.00 -$805.00

Rolled brass Longneck $755.00

Each banjo custom hand built.

Long Neck Four Srings


My newest entry The Tubaphone -Longneck  with Vega Style Brass Bracket. This banjo is modled after the type used by the Kingston Trio .  All brass and hand turned rim for excellent sound.

28 brackets for better tone.





  • If you have never played a long neck banjo you are missing a great experience!
  • Here Philip sent me in June of this year, the first of three E mails expressing thanks for his new Mastertone. It has a crystal clear sound  and especially has the best sound for blue grass type of playing and the lower notes as I illustrate.
  • From:    

    Philip Breslow

    Subject:  Thanks so much!    To: jbeyer@copper.net

    Calgary Alberta, Canada

    The banjo came yesterday, It plays and looks and sounds great!

    My only problem is that it is so nice it puts some of other instruments to shame.

    Thanks again,


    (More Testimonies)


 corgie amd myself

  • Life Time Warranty

    • I have been play banjos for over 40 years and I believe I have come close to perfecting a great sounding instrument.  (I have lost count of how many long neck banjos I have built in the last several years. ) All parts are new. I am also taking orders for custom long necks and can build it for you in a matter of two to three weeks. For the last three years I have devoted most of my waking hours to either studying the Scriptures or building long neck banjos.

    • My banjos are built by proper specifications according to "How to Set Up the Best Sounding Banjo [Paperback] by
      Roger H. Siminof" book on how to set up a good sounding banjo. Thus, I insure the very best sound for my open back banjos.

    • I have b

    • Tone Sound Comparison: You will find mp3 audio clips of my different banjos. Three elements contribute to banjo tone: banjo, tone ring, rim, and the banjo head, combined with secure fitting parts .  Note: My arhtop  possesses more of a "matalic tone" than my other models. Please carefully compare these tones.

    • If you are ever in the Puyallup, WA area, give me a call and come by and try one of my long necks!  Come by for and try the long neck. It is a unique experience.  They have a totally different dynamic than the standard banjo.  

      Give me a call any time and let's talk about long neck banjos!


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Send mail to  jonathan@longneckbanjo.com with questions or comments about this web site. Phone: 253-8465-2855  (253-229-2525)
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Send mail to  jonathan@longneckbanjo.com with questions or comments about this web site. Phone: 253-8465-2855  (253-229-2525)
Last modified: 10/28/14