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Longneck banjo necks can be bought here  

I also give banjo lessons. Try these tablatures.

Discover the Joy of playing a long neck banjo!

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*The blue grass sound = Mastertone Tone

* Kingston Trio  sound= Tubaphone

*Economy banjo (durable, adjustable) = Archtop

Worldwide builder of long neck banjos

Long neck four & five string banjos

 Play it, See it! Three extra frets! 

Hear it: Various Sound clips and tone ring comparisons.. 

tubaphone blue print

Rolled brass Longneck $755.00

Longneck Banjo Four String


  This is my new Vega Style Brass Bracket. This banjo is modled after the type used by the Kingston Trio .  

All brass and hand turned rim for excellent sound.

28 brackets for better tone.



Read what banjo hangout is saying about the Vega Bracketed pot.

The all brass parts in my view provides an unexcelled tone. Sure it costs a lot. But I am so sure that you will

be thrilled with it.

I install a Stubbs long fifth string capo that covers nine frets.

 This is the kind of capo installed like the one one used by the Kingston Trio:

Long Neck Banjo For Sale, Cheap Long Neck Banjo, Tubaphone - Home 

Recent Testimony:

  Moses from Maryland - Upon receiving His Tubaphone Long Neck Banjo - January 17, 2015 - I retrieved it and unpacked it.  It is truly the most beautiful banjo I have seen.... 

Alan Fleshman from Florida - Upon receiving his archtop - Dec. 30th, 2014 on receiving his archtop - The banjo is perfect

banjo arrived about an hour ago and the only reason I have taken a break from playing it is to let you know how pleased I am.  It is a work of art.  The inlays are magnificent, the sound is just what I am looking for and the craftsmanship is better than any "manufactured" banjo in this or any other price range.  You must take great pride in your work and all I can say is that you deserve it.  Once again, Happy New Year.  I am sure mine will be musically rewarding. ..Needless to say, if you ever need an endorsement, you can count on mine.  

p.s.  I can give you names and e mail addresses of these persons and others that may live near you. There is probably someone near you that possesses one of my banjos.


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