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Lifetime Warranty Number and sticker on each banjo:
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(Two Labels; "custom built (your name)... and "Lifetime Warranty".)
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11" Dobson Style Tone Ring (Raw Brass)
Dobson Brass Tone ring
w/ brass tail piece:
Add $125.00
(Custom fitted in the place of the "Mastertone tone ring")

Fifth String Capo Installed

Stubbs Regular = $50.00(six frets)
Long = $75.00 (nine  frets)    
I instal a Stubbs long capo that covers nine frets; ideal for a long neck. 
5th string capo long

Tubaphone Gold and Brass

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A superlative banjo built to exacting specs.

The  test of an excellent sounding banjo is its tone higher on the neck.

Listen to my mp3 recording with both high and low notes


 Better than U Tube: Listen to  new gold & brass and vega style  Tubaphone (MP3)


  • I have sold  three of these since December.

  • Brass Pot Parts  Made in North America

  • Maple Hardwood Rim  and All Brass Parts  Combined with Lambskyn head  Produce and excellent mellow tone. 

  • I have been playing banjo since '69, but this is the best sounding banjo I have ever played .


  • 28 Brass Brackets Enhances tone                            

  •  $1, 515.00 $1,575.00 / w. long capo
  • (You can  purchase  this one, or I can custom build one for you.)
    • Brass and Gold Parts
    • Pot parts all brass made in Canada. 
    • I turn, inlay and finish every rim. Precision cuts according to Vega's Blueprints. 
    • Lifetime warranty for all parts. (Enquire about details.) 
    • I recommend the Stubbs  capo  if you like to play high on the neck. 
    • All brass Parts
    • 3/4" wider deeper rim than Vega for superior resonance. 
    • Highly polished brass parts. 
    • Vega Does not have Gold plated parts/ Goldtone does not have brass parts.
  •  capo for nine fret.  (Stubbs Long capo installed.)

Happy sounds it makes:


  • It is bubbling

  • I custom build your banjo, or you can buy this one. (Currently building a rim as a duplicate of the Vega style rim shown at the bottom of this page.)

  • Click pictures to enlarged .

  • full view

  • Two recently built in 2014 below

    • Jeff Martinm, Bloomingdale, Ill.  after receiving  April 22,   2014

"Hello Jonathan. I hope all is well. I just want to make sure that you received the two broken hooks in the mail. Also, I would like to say the banjo is great. I love it." Thank you. God bless you. "

  • New:  Brass  Parallel Rods


Click image  below  to enlarge


reverse tubaphone

This is the type of banjo that has been used by groups such as "The Kingsoston Trio", "The Limelighters", and Pete Seeger and secular and Christian folk music. 

Please check Banjo Hangout's Pete Seeger use of this banjo.

The tone is  mellow / smooth

Below is my very new Vega Style Bracket Longneck  with

hardwood binding.

This one has sold! 

I custom build the banjo just for you.  Inquire.

*With Vega Style Brackets


resinSurfaces  sealed with epoxy  coating for life time wear.
I hand build each individual banjo.

The banjo "standard  tubaphone" was sold to a the founder and banjo player with  "The Seekers", Keith Pogter (professional musician since early  '60's - 8 million records sold ). He plans  to use it in performances. The picture below is  on Facebook.    He resides in Melbourne, Australia. 

Potger and dog and banjo

    • Facebook Quote : Keith Potger Yep, it sounds really good but I will need to do a bit of adjusting to get the action down a fraction for my liking. It came from the USA and has no make because it was hand made from individual pieces, neck, rim, banjo pot etc. Jonathan Beyer is the guy and you can google him to see some of his other banjos. Tuning for the long neck is an open E chord: 1st B, 2nd G#, 3rd E, 4th B and the 5th string is E. When it is capoed up three frets to bring it up to standard banjo tuning the first four strings form an open G chord and you would have to tune the 5th string up to G. Haven't played banjo for so long I'm really rusty so it will be a while before I come out of hiding with this beast. Some peeps will be very glad I'm sure to never hear a banjo in their lifetime but this is a lovely mellow instrument and will give me a huge interest in performing some of the repertoire of Pete Seeger next year. In fact I may change my name to Pete Seeker for the occasion.


   I am most delighted with its beautiful sound!

Here is my MP3 which is provides a very good audio of this tubaphone. Tell me what you think. This is much better recording than the video.

I am most delighted with it! If you love the classic banjo sound, you would  love this one.

If you are an aficionado of that certain banjo sound. Please check out banjo hangout www site and what they say about the tubaphone as  premiere tone ring.  I think that the brackets have pushed up the quality of tone to the top of the chart!

Also check this tubaphone hangout site.


A banjo matching thes specifications  and appearance of the one on this page is available.

Note: The audio on this video is poor.

Please  listen to the MP3  file below.

 Listen to it on mp3

Above is  my new Vega Bracket Tubaphone Longnecck Banjo Pot -

"Golden" Plated Tuning Pegs, Arm Rest and Brass  tail piece.

Tone Ring and Pot Parts Made In North America

New Style Designed Neck

I build each banjo by hand.

According to my research only Vega builds the long neck banjo with

Vega Brass Brackets and the Tubaphone tone ring. However their cost is $6,310.00

Pictures below with nickel plated parts:
long view one long view reverse

This tubaphone is built according to the technical specifications of  Bill Rickard of Canada for the finest banjo sound.


I have fashioned the rim and personally assembled and adjusted it.


A great advantage of the tubaphone long neck is its weight. It only weights 9 lbs.

The pot hardware is made by Rickard Banjos, of Canada. and is among the finest tone ring maker in North America
  You can do research on this tone ring.
More details can provided if you e mail me. The metal pot parts  are made by bill rickard banjos.
This is a banjo for you if you want a "most refined" banjo sound. It has been my studied observation that shares insight into why this is such a sought after tone ring.
Check the mp3 sound out.
I guarantee satisfaction on all banjos.

All Tubaphone Banjos have "golden" plated tuning pegs.

The blue print below of rim and tone ring is part of my

 The tone ring below is made by Bill Rickard Banjos. I also fashion the rims. Inlay can be added. for extra cost.

Note that I conform to the details of this
Vega blue print.Height of rim is optional .

 tubaphone blue print


 These are custom made banjo. I make sure that all tolerance, i.e. adjustments are exact.
All banjos are built to produce the very best sound, action and appearance.
 I build all banjos according to "How to Set Up the Best Sounding Banjo [Paperback]
Roger H. Siminof" book on how to set up a good sounding banjo. Thus, I insure the very best sound for my open back banjos.

Here is a picture of the the banjo with nickel plated brass parts.

Mine are built exactly according to  technical specification. Be sure you listen to the audio clip that gives you a good idea of of its sound.


Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Stubbs Long  Capo $65.00  (for nine frets)
Shipping Packing and Insurance $90.00
Tubaphone Long Neck
Tubaphone Long Neck
Tubaphone pot with shipping

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